Gallery – Lace from the Ground Up

Here we hope you will enjoy a few of our laces we chose to reflect the theme of our Getaway.

Sleeping Cat in Russian tape lace
Bev’s Sleeping Cat, Russian tape lace filling, or ground. And the cat is on the ground!
Evid’s thread and wire dragonfly, one for above the ground!
Sampler of Bobbins from the days of the Lacemaking Revival, by a bobbin turner who lived in Fanny Bay in the Denman and District area. Any leads as to the turner’s name, much appreciated. Collected by Margaret from an estate sale. Woods for lace bobbins, “from the ground!”

Karen’s point ground laces. Click picture to view captions.

tatted lace stars
Delicate tatted lace on star ornaments, up on the Christmas tree. Laces by Lorna.

4 thoughts on “Gallery – Lace from the Ground Up

  1. I’m surprised to see the bobbins possibly from Fanny Bay. They are exactly the same as the LeGrand bobbins. Reg LeGrand was the husband of Janie LeGrand, one of the founding members of Vancouver Lace Club. Our club started in 1955. He made thousands of the bobbins, and they went all around the world. I never dreamed that he got the design from somewhere else. I always assumed that they were his creation. There’s no-one still living who was involved in VLC in the early years who we could ask. The Canada 150 bobbins which you got at our last getaway are LeGrand bobbins.

    This is a puzzle.



    1. Hello Betty
      Thank you so much for your comment! The variety-wood bobbins really are similar to the standard Le Grand bobbins, aren’t they! We have a lot of the plain maple that he made, which have a slightly different overall shape to these. Thank you for pointing this out. It might be a clue to their origin as we have not found out the precise source yet.
      best wishes
      Bev for Victoria Lace Club


  2. The bobbins displayed here were made by one Carl Wagner. He turned out thousands of them and sent them all over the world. He has ads in the early IOLI magazines. BTW, his wife (Annie) just donated the last of his bobbins to our club,Denman and District Club, we have 1,100 of them to sell over the next getaways 🙂
    Sharon for Denman and District Lace Club.


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